The Best Purple Flowers

Find out the most DIY-friendly flowers for your wedding day,.

I’ve helped two brides recently whose main wedding color was purple.  It was so fun to explore the different varieties and choices. There are so many different shades of purple that it can be hard to know where to start at times.

So, I am sharing the list I gave them to choose from.  These are my favorite picks for purple DIY wedding flowers.  I picked them based on availability, affordability, how hardy they are, their beauty and impact, and how easy they are to work with.  All top concerns for a DIY bride!

Under each flower type, I’ve rounded up my favorite ones for you to check out.  Just click over to see prices and quantities as well as read reviews and care instructions.


These flowers get a bad rap. But, if done right they can look like a million bucks, and cost you only pennies.  The trick to carnations is volume.  They are super sturdy and long-lasting, priced excellently, and come in the full spectrum of color.  On top of that all that, they come in an adorable mini-size!


Hydrangeas are a huge favorite of mine.  I believe of all the flowers, they give you the most bang for your buck.  And, they are just unbelievably elegant, aren’t they?  Some hydrangeas are purple, and some are sprayed or painted purple.  This means that you will probably be able to find your exact color.  These flowers are fairly DIY friendly.  They look great without even trying in any arrangement or bouquet.  Hydrangeas are a little sensitive to dehydration, but if you are diligent about keeping them in water you should have no trouble at all.

Calla Lilies

For the classic and elegant bride.  Calla lilies are the definition of glamour. And they have great purple color.  Most purple calla lilies are mini, which makes them easier to arrange with. Their sleek lines make them easy to arrange on their own or blend with a variety of flowers.


While some people turn up their nose to this so-called ‘grocery store variety’ I have found them to be excellent for DIY wedding flowers.  More commonly known as Peruvian Lilies, these flowers can add just a touch of drama to your floral arrangements.  They are super cheap, have beautiful color, and are very durable.  Win, win win!


These are perfect for a late summer/fall wedding (or anytime really!)  Mums can be huge depending on the variety, meaning you can get quite the bank for your buck.  They are very durable, easy to work with, and are a true crowd-pleaser.  Check out all the different shapes and size you can get, too!


A classic choice and most well known for its reds and pinks, but did you know you could get purple roses?  It’s true.  And they are just as beautiful as their red counterparts.  Roses are always a solid choice for weddings.  They last a long time, and they are gorgeous.  I think they are pretty reasonably priced too.  Check out the different colors available!

Dedrobium Orchids

If you have your heart set on orchids, this is the way to go!  Orchids can be a little tricky to work with and cost an arm and a leg.  But, dendrobium orchids are the most affordable of all the varieties and I have found them not too difficult to arrange.  Plus, what other flower is going to give you that true orchid purple?


This flower equals true romance.  It’s insufferably adorable ruffles, curly mini shoots and subtle yellow middle make it truly the perfect bridal bloom.  This flower is a personal favorite of mine, but can be a little difficult if not hydrated properly.  The blossoms are so heavy and the stems so petite and delicate.  This can be a great choice, just pay special attention to the hydration process and make sure the stems firm up properly.


These are a great spring flower.  They don’t take up much space, but they make up for that with their sleek visual impact.  Tulips come in a variety of different purples too.  Pick your favorite!  I personally love double tulips, they are so fluffy.


You may sometimes see this variety in the grocery store as well.  But, don’t be fooled!  Stock can be a florists ace up their sleeve.  They are extremely affordable and so visually complex with all their little blooms.  If you’re looking to add a little height and dimension to your florals, I would highly recommend some stock!

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