The Best Blue Flowers

Flowers are a great way to incorporate ‘something blue’ into your wedding day.  Blue represents trust, honesty, and loyalty, three qualities that are integral in a marriage.  Not only is it a great choice for your color scheme, it is a great choice for your DIY flowers.

I’ve compiled a list of the best blue options for your DIY wedding flowers.  There are fewer flowers available in blue compared to some other colors, but you can achieve beautiful blue florals with the choices below.  Or incorporate these in with another color for a dynamic arrangement!


Cornflowers are one of the few naturally blue flowers. Their round ball-like shape make them cute as ever.  And they pair excellently with softer petaled blooms for a gorgeous garden style.  They are very consistent in color so you won’t have to worry about shade variations either.



Hydrangeas are a huge favorite of mine.  I believe of all the flowers, they give you the most bang for your buck.  And, they are just unbelievably elegant, aren’t they?  Some hydrangeas are naturally blue, and some are sprayed or painted blue.  This means that you will probably be able to find your exact color.  These flowers are fairly DIY friendly.  They look great without even trying in any arrangement or bouquet.  Hydrangeas are a little sensitive to dehydration, but if you are diligent about keeping them in water you should have no trouble at all.  These three are my favorite options and are all naturally blue.

Light Blue Hydrangea
Light Blue

Shocking Blue Hydrangea
Shocking Blue

Deep Blue Hydrangea
Deep Blue


Delphinium are a sweet delicate flower that adds a touch of wildflower to your arrangements.  Mixed in with other blooms or all on its own, the bright blue color of these star-shaped blossoms is unmatched.  I personally love to use them in tall arrangements as they add a great deal of height and interest.  Also, they are very affordable!

Fresh Blue

Light Blue

Fresh Blue


These flowers get a bad rap. But, if done right they can look like a million bucks, and cost you only pennies.  The trick to carnations is volume.  They are super sturdy and long-lasting, and priced excellently.  With this flower you get a lot of blue for your buck.

Blue Carnation

Mums & Daisies

While mums and daisies don’t naturally come in blue, they can be tinted to almost any shade.  They can be huge depending on the variety, meaning you can get quite the bang for your buck.  They are very durable, easy to work with, and are a true crowd-pleaser.  Check out all the different shapes and size you can get, too!

Blue Cremon

Blue Daisy

Spider Mum


Hyacinth have a cluster of many blooms on a single stem and are perfect for a blue themed wedding.  They are often associated with springtime and carry a sweet aroma.  They make great statement pieces.

Grape Hyacinth

Violet Blue


These are a beautiful choice and are very unique blooms.  There color is a violet blue than can border on purple.  The iris is a spring staple and has a lovely aroma.  It adds great texture and height to your arrangements and would be an excellent choice for a blue spring wedding.

Blue Iris

Violet Blue

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