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Check out these cheaper alternative to your favorite wedding flowers! click thru for more info

Love a certain look but can’t afford it?  Check out these cheaper look-alike alternatives!  You can still achieve a similar feel and style of your favorite blooms without breaking the bank. Below are some of the most common (and expensive!) wedding flowers requested along with their cheaper alternative.


Check out these cheaper alternatives to your favorite wedding flowers! Click through for more info on each one


Peony vs. Garden Rose

Peonies are the most romantic wedding bloom there is, but their price make them not doable for many brides. Especially if you want them out of season (May-June), they will cost you an arm and a leg. The good new is, you can use a peony look-a-like alternative and save big bucks on your wedding flowers.

Garden roses are on average a few dollars cheaper a stem than peonies, and they are pretty much available year round.  These extra fluffy roses are bigger and fuller than their standard rose cousins.  They come in a variety of colors and can be mistaken for peonies because of their many ruffling petals.

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Orchid vs. Gladiolas

Orchids can evoke a tropical or upscale vibe.  They are delicate, and some can be dozens of dollars for a single stem! If orchids will break your bank, you can still achieve the same look and feel with a less expensive bloom.

Gladiolas have a striking appearance with their long stems which display blooms from bottom to top.  Their shape is similar to orchids and they can come in very similar colors.  Gladiolas can achieve height and stature in an arrangement and have the same eye-catching affect as orchids for a much nicer price.

Dahlias vs. Mums

Dahlias are the crowning glory of fall flowers, their symmetrical petals and striking colors makes them a crowd favorite.  But these blooms are very seasonal and can be costly out of (and even in) season.

Football mums provide the same round, symmetrical shape and vibrant colors as dahlias at a lower price point.  Swap out dahlias for mum to save some bucks, and no one will ever be the wiser!

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Gardenia vs. Sweetheart Rose

Gardenias are a very popular wedding flower.  Their delicate and white beauty evoke images of the bride on her big day.  But, not only is this flower fussy and difficult to deal with, it is very expensive.

You can still achieve the elegant white grace of the gardenia by using sweetheart roses.  While not as large of blooms as the gardenia, sweetheart roses are extremely hardy and easy to arrange.  Also, their structure is similar to the gardenia and achieves the same classy, timeless style.


Wedding Flowers splurge v save

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