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Are you cut out to DIY your own Wedding Flowers? Find out here... | DIY Blooms

Many brides struggle with this question.  It is a tough one… How do you know what DIY wedding flowers involves and whether or not you’re capable of achieving DIY flower success? Should you DIY your wedding flowers?

There are lots of unknowns for many DIY brides that ultimately scare them away from doing their own wedding flowers. It is my goal to shed some light on the DIY wedding flower process so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not this project is for you.

Whether you’re just starting your wedding planning or you’re already neck deep in DIY wedding projects, DIY flower is something you should seriously consider.  In past decades, floral design was a well-kept secret among the professional florist community, not to be shared with the common bride.

But, today is the age of information.  It’s a time where brides can truly embrace DIY for their wedding days to end up with a truly unique, personalized, and budget-friendly event. The same goes for your wedding flowers.

No longer are the secrets of the floral trade secrets. I want to bring those to light for you to achieve DIY floral success for your wedding.

Now, that said, I fully and completely recognize that this is project that requires a good bit of planning and time.  And I don’t want you as a bride committing to do something that you are just not set up to accomplish.

So, You're considering DIY Wedding Flowers? Take this free course to find out if this is the right choice for you! | DIY Blooms

Because of this, I’ve created a free mini course: So, You’re Considering DIY Wedding Flowers. This course is designed to help you make a well informed decision on whether or not you should be DIYing your wedding flowers.

It will teach you some basics involved in the DIY process that are important to know ahead of time.  I’ll share my entire DIY wedding flower story from my own wedding, so you can see how it looked in a real life scenario.

So, You're considering DIY Wedding Flowers? Take this free course to find out if this is the right choice for you! | DIY Blooms

The course will walk you through all the pros and cons involved with DIY wedding flowers. By the end of this course you should have a solid idea of whether or not to do them yourself.

This course is ABSOLUTELY FREE, so check it out below.  If you are even considering the thought of DIY flowers, this course is for you!  Go ahead and take it now.

Are you on the fence about diy wedding flowers? Take this free course to help you decide whether doing your own wedding flowers is the right choice for you!  |  DIY Blooms

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