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DIY Flowers are no simple undertaking. I’ve compiled a list of resources to help you out in this process. So below is everything you need to successfully DIY your wedding flowers all gathered together in one page! Sometimes the hardest part of DIY flowers is just finding all the information you need and knowing where to start.  My goal is to take that stress away from you so you can focus on the fun part: arranging! Check out the resources below including my wholesale floral supplier recommendations, supplies list, and favorite tutorials.

Some of the links below contain affiliate links which just means that if you purchase I would receive a small commission.  This helps recoup the costs of running this site and allows us to continue providing brides more information on DIY flowers.  As always, I only ever recommend products I personally use and love.

Wholesale Flowers

Most brides decide to order their DIY flowers through online bulk wholesalers. There are quite a few options out there and it can get overwhelming.  I’ve personally ordered from the recommended companies below and find them to be the best options for ordering bulk flowers.

Fifty Flowers is my favorite wholesale floral provider. They specifically cater to DIY brides, and have oriented their website and offerings to reflect this.  One of my favorite attributes of Fifty Flowers is their excellent customer service.  Anytime I’ve worked with them I am always so impressed with their attention to detail and care for the customer.  They even have a floral consultant available if you have any questions about your flowers or design plans.  Another huge reason why I love ordering from Fifty Flowers is that their website is so useful and easy to navigate.  You can view flowers by color or season.  They have a blog full of examples of brides who have done DIY flowers and share their experience.  Also, they seem to have the widest variety of flowers available.

For a limited time, when you buy from Fifty Flowers you can use my coupon code (DIYBLOOMS) to get 5% off your order!!

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Global Rose offers offer lower prices and a good selection of fresh, wholesale flowers with slightly less variety than Fifty Flowers.  They ship directly from the farm and offer free delivery which are both big pros. Global Rose offers a 24 hour return guarantee.

Sam’s Club is a membership site, so you have to pay a yearly fee to be able to order from them.  But, you really can’t beat the prices of their flowers, and I’ve always found the quality to be great.  If you are buying more common flowers they have a good variety, but they don’t have a huge selection of the more unique blooms.

Blooms By the Box is a little different than the first two in that they sell their flowers by the box (usually 10-12 stems) rather than in bulk.  If you only need 12 peonies, this is a great option for you.  Or, if you are wanting a large variety of flowers, but don’t want hundreds of each kind, you can order by the box here in smaller quantities.

Flower Moxie is an excellent choice for those of you who may be on the fence about DIY flowers.  Amy at Flower Moxie takes all the guesswork out of doing your own bridal flowers and gives you the exact amount of blooms for the arrangement you choose and provides ample guidance and instruction on how to arrange the flowers.  And her arrangements are adorable to boot!

DIY Flowers Supplies

You’re going to need some supplies for your DIY flowers.  Below are the tools I use and recommend.

Floral Tape  – I use this for pretty much all the bouquets I do, as well as any boutonnieres, corsages or flower crowns.  It’s the ultimate floral tool and pretty much essential for many arrangements.

Floral Snips – A good pair of florist’s sheers are my favorite flower tool.  It’s really important to get some snips or a florist knife Avoid using your kitchen scissors because they can smoosh the flowers stem and prevent it from drinking water properly.

Floral Wire – There are a variety of options within floral wire and different ways to use it.  I find myself using it most often when I am wiring flowers for boutonnieres, corsages or flower crowns (arrangements that require a little more manipulation of the flower).

Floral Foam – Any time I’m doing a low flower arrangement I like using foam to hold my blooms in place.  It’s important to buy ‘wet’ floral foam that is able to hold water and hydrate your blooms, and not ‘dry’ floral foam which is meant for artificial flowers.

Flower Food – Of course it’s very important to keep your flowers healthy, so make sure to prolong your flowers’ life by using floral food.

Floracage Foam – I love using floracages for things like arch arrangements because they make it so simple to hang the arrangement.  They come in a variety of shapes and sizes for different needs.  There is even a neat sausage link type that can be used for floral garlands.

Buckets – It’s important to have good containers to keep your DIY flowers when you receive them in the mail.  Taller and skinnier buckets work well because they help the blooms hydrate  and firm up in an upright position rather than flopped over.

Boutonniere Pins – It’s important to have a way to attach those boutonnieres to the groom an groomsmen.  I like these boutonniere pins because they have a nice length and a pretty pearl end.

Bouquet Pins – When you’re securing the ends of your ribbon around a bouquet it’s very helpful to have these bouquet pins.  Plus they can add a purely decorative element too with their nice pearl ends.

Corsage Wristlets – While you can make your own corsage band with some ribbon, I find it simpler to use a corsage wristlet with a builtin floral holder. They come in a few different options, some with rhinestones or pearls.

Clear Floral Tape – When working with floral foam, this tape helps hold it in place in your container.  It’s also useful for creating a grid over the mouth of a vase which helps with floral arranging.

Crowning Glory Floral Spray – This flower spray helps prolong the life of flowers even when they have to be out of water for an extended period of time (like boutonnieres, corsages, or flower crowns).

DIY Flowers Tutorials






Bouquet Recipe Cards


One of the biggest struggles brides have when planning their wedding flowers is figuring out what types are in their favorite bouquets and how many they will need to replicate that look. These bouquet recipe cards take all the guesswork away and provide you with a blueprint to arranging these beautiful bouquets.

Each recipe card contains the types of flowers needed to make the bouquet pictured, as well as how many stems of each type you will need, and arranging tips for replicating the look. I linked the flower types in the recipe card to an online wholesaler where you can buy the recipe list of flowers. These links are affiliate links which mean they go to supporting this site, but they are truly the best flowers for each bouquet.

Purchase your favorite one below, or if you can’t decide which you want, get all 10!

DIY Flowers Must-Reads

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Save Money!

Saving money on your flowers is a huge reason many brides choose diy flowers.  Read these these ten tips to getting the most bang for your buck, and the flowers that will stretch your dollar the farthest. Or, read what popular wedding flowers have cheaper look-alike alternatives!

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Survival Tips

So you already know that if you DIY your wedding flowers you’re going to save the big bucks… but the real question is, can you make it out of the floral trenches alive and intact for the big day??  Never fear! Follow this guide when you DIY your wedding flowers to ensure floral success.  True bridal bliss is within reach when you stick to these tried and true DIY flower rules.

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Healthy Blooms

Are you doing everything you can to ensure longer lasting blooms? The last thing anyone needs on their big day is droopy flowers, so I wanted to share some tips with you that will ensure floral longevity for your beautiful arrangements. I know firsthand the woes of floppy boutonnieres and sad hydrangea bouquets and how they put a damper on your adorable wedding photos. Follow these rules and enjoy long-lasting blooms and achieve floral longevity!

DIY Wedding Flower Course

As a former DIY bride, I know what is really important to know, and what you don’t really need to know – which is equally as valuable in saving you time and effort.

Beautiful wedding flowers are possible when you have the right help. You’ll enjoy the process, have a great experience, and stunning wedding arrangements.

That’s why I created a comprehensive E-Course to walk you through everything you need to know to have DIY wedding flower success.

DIY Wedding Flower Success course

This course walks you through every step of the way and covers all you’ll need to know to achieve gorgeous wedding arrangements yourself.

I’ll walk you through the process of setting a budget, picking out your flowers, knowing what to choose and how many. I’ll give you a tried and true timeline to help you make sure everything is on track and minimize your stress.

In the course, I go over all the supplies you need, how to use them, and where to get them. I’ll tell you the #1 secret tip that is going to make your DIY flower experience WAY better. I’ll show you how to process your wholesale flowers, and then arrange with over 5 different arrangement tutorials.

And there are even bonus modules that walk you through where to buy your flowers, how to save the most money, where DIY flowers go wrong, the latest flower trends, and floral design basics. As you work through the modules there are multiple worksheets that help you develop a full DIY flower plan for success. And several reference guides and recipe cards for quick and easy flower selection.

I want you to know: you’re not alone! This course is design to walk you through the entire process to ensure you DIY flower success. To find out more about this course and what it offers, check out the course page.


I hope this guide helps save you time and gives you the confidence you need to tackle your own DIY flowers! Have a DIY wedding flower story to share?  Send me a message at  Best of luck arranging!

Everything you need for DIY flowers for your wedding day! Seriously, this page is a must for DIY brides looking at do it yourself wedding flowers!! | - DIY Wedding Flowers for the DIY Bride