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Being surrounded by buckets and buckets of flowers and having the house smell like a florist shop is sensational!

Today, I’d like to introduce you to a DIY bride who tackled her own wedding flowers and had gorgeous results.  Laura and Erick are great friends of mine and got married this past February.  It was a beautiful and touching day that Jake and I had the privilege of being a part of.

Laura is a DIY bride through and through.  I just loved her confident calm throughout the whole process, and the wonderful results that came of her planning!  Without further ado… Laura’s DIY wedding flower story:

quotesHi all! My name is Laura and this is my story on how I did my own wedding flowers. Wanting to save a bit on the wedding budget, I thought doing my own flowers would be a fun way to cut the cost.

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So I started looking around at different flower websites trying to find exactly what I wanted. After lots of searching I found Blooms By The Box. This wholesale flower site had so much information on which flowers to choose, how to care for them, and just general DIY info which I found really helpful. The site had so many options, I had to narrow it down a bit. After finding a great selection in the wedding flower packs, I choose the punchy purple DIY wedding flower pack for $549.90.


Included in the pack were:

100 stems of rose 40cm cool water lavender
30 stems of large hydrangea white
3 bunches of spray rose lavender
3 bunches of liatris
3 bunches of stock purple
3 bunches of pompon button green
2 bunches of monte casino aster purple
2 bunches of aspidistra
3 bunches of huck

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Wanting to add even more flowers I selected 4 bunches of gypsophila million star (baby’s breath) and 2 bunches of iris purple. The baby’s breath was $54.64 and the irises were $38.94.


I was almost all set, but every DIY project needs some tools. So I also purchased the blooms DIY wedding supply kit for $29.87

The kit included:

A pair of oasis floral scissors
10oz. of aquaplus flower food powder
A spray bottle  
4 rolls of floral tape stem wrap ½” x 30 yds.
A packet of corsage pins ½” pearl head

Grand total for the flowers and the kit: $777.68

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I had the flowers shipped a couple days before the wedding to let them open up. When they arrived, I trimmed and cut the stems to start the hydration process and got them in water as soon as possible. When it was time to make the bouquets, all but the irises had opened up. The site mentioned that some flowers may not fully open. I was happy with how they looked, and as the day went on they opened a bit more.

I had all the girls in the wedding party over the day before the wedding to get our nails done and to make our bouquets. Everyone had a great time picking out what they wanted and all the bouquets were beautiful. A couple of the ladies made all the corsages and boutonnieres. We found a few youtube videos to help us along too. Making all the flower arrangements took just a couple of hours from start to finish for 6 bridesmaids and 6 groomsmen. My flower girl threw silk petals since the church didn’t allow real ones.


After all the bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres were finished there was still a lot leftover for decorating the cake and the reception hall.

Also, be sure to keep your flowers hydrated for as long as possible. At the end of the day, all the flowers were starting to look a bit wilted and dried out.


I would totally take the DIY route for flowers again. Being surrounded by buckets and buckets of flowers and having the house smell like a florist shop is sensational! Being able to personalize flowers and bouquets for your wedding is special, cost effective, and very doable. Every bride should strongly consider doing her own wedding flowers.

Photography Credit: Kayla Brook Photography

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