10 Principles of Floral Design

10 Principles of Floral Design | DIYBlooms.com

In floral design there are some basic guiding principles that are used to create aesthetically pleasing design.  I truly feel that there are no ‘rules’ when it comes to your flower artistry. Nevertheless, it is still valuable to understand these guiding principles to help you develop your eye for design.

Consider these time tested basics to good floral design as you construct your arrangements. And instead of letting them constrict your designs, consider them tricks that will allow your blooms to shine. The principles illustrated below apply in all areas of design and will help achieve aesthetically pleasing arrangements.

There are so many elements that go into floral design. Learn the 10 guiding principles summarized here in this helpful infographic. Start taking control of your flowers and producing beautiful results.


Learn the principles of floral design so you can make beautiful floral masterpieces! | DIYBlooms.com


For DIY brides, I hesitate to teach these basic floral design principles. This is because they can cause information overload and are ultimately not completely necessary to creating beautiful wedding arrangements. Many times our natural eye for design and aesthetics will intuitively recognize these principles and apply them in our florals for pleasing results.

But, for the bride who loves consuming information, processing and understanding; these are great principles to consider as you construct your DIY wedding arrangements. We should all be considering things like visual weight as we construct our design as well as what kind of contrast we’re creating.  Although these may be things we think of subconsciously, defining and understanding them can help us internalize the concepts even more and apply them more effectively.

Enjoy learning the fundamentals of floral design?  Click the image below to receive another infographic on the history of floral design, and the different elements that make up a floral arrangement.


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