How Much Should you Spend on Wedding Flowers?

How much should you spend on wedding flowers... ?? The average bride spends $2,000! | DIY Blooms

There is a whole plethora of opinions surrounding this topic on on the internet… The ‘average bride’ spends around $2,000 on her wedding flowers (what is an average bride anyway?). Experts recommend an array of budgets ranging from 8% of your wedding budget up to 15%.

Of course you can spend as little or as crazy much as you’d like on flowers for your wedding.  But, let’s be honest, we’re all DIYer’s at heart here.  And because of that we are set on getting the most bang for our buck. Yet, we also all love flowers (why else would you be here with me today??), so we want as many flowers as possible!

I think you should spend just as much as you need to have amazing flowers for your big day.  (Gee, thanks, that was helpful… not!) But really, when you DIY, that is actually possible without breaking the bank.  I spent about 5% of our wedding budget on our florals and had a larger than average sized wedding, with just as many flowers as I always dreamed of!

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When figuring out your own budget for wedding flowers you should consider several things:

  • While it is true that flowers will not last forever (in fact their lifespan is likely less than two weeks from when you receive them), they are in nearly all your wedding pictures and video.  And those do last forever!
  • Your flowers can go a long way towards setting the style and mood of your wedding day. Nothing says romantic like a posy of roses! Your guests will appreciate your vision and feel your personal style on the event with a little help from your flowers.
  • Where will your flowers make the most impact?  Is your ceremony short and at a separate location? Consider focusing your floral budget on the reception. And do you really need a large centerpiece on every table?  Consider smaller centerpieces with larger arrangements at central locations like the guest book table.


It’s important to have a number in mind, but make sure to remember that no matter the number, you are likely to get twice the amount of flowers per dollar if you do your own flowers.  Now that is penny-wise!

Another way to save is by substituting your favorite blooms for less expensive look-a-like. Check out my list of splurge-vs-save wedding flowers.  In addition, consider using flowers that give you the most bang for your buck, this maximizes the visual impact of your arrangements without costing you an arm and a leg!

Want to discuss flower budgets?  Or your wedding flower plan?  I’d love to hear all about it!  Send me a message 🙂 Also, check out my resources page, and 7 things you need to know before you decide to DIY.

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