Have the flowers of your dreams!

Save thousands of dollars!

Pull off the biggest DIY of your life and nail it!


Calling all DIY brides

who are ready to take the plunge

and do their own wedding flowers!


Hands up if you want to DIY your flowers but…

  • You know that it involves a HUGE time commitment for research and execution
  • You have no idea how many flowers you need, what type, or how to arrange them
  • You are nervous that you will have a great flower disaster on your hands
  • You have no idea where to even start
  • You feel lost, scared, and overwhelmed by the whole thing

If this is you, I want you to know:

you're not alone!

This course is designed to walk with you through the entire process to ensure your DIY Flower Success.


Brides like you and I want to do our own wedding flowers because it sounds incredibly fun to play with hundreds of gorgeous blooms. We’d love to spend time in floral bliss with our best of friends. All while saving ourselves thousands of dollars and impressing our wedding guests with our super-woman-like DIY skills.

Instead we end up spending hours on the internet spinning our wheels trying to figure out if lemon leaf is the same thing as salal, worrying that you forgot some crucial piece of the formula and all your flowers are going to shrivel up and die, and have stress-induced panic attacks at all the unknowns… You know that designing your own wedding flowers could be an incredibly rewarding experience, but you feel stuck in the sea of irreverent information on the web and the stress of trying to figure it out yourself.


I can totally relate to this feeling – I was in your exact shoes several years ago…


I’m Naomi Bjerk. I was a DIY bride too and did all my own flowers, so I know the struggle you are feeling…


IN 2013, I got engaged to my college sweetheart and began the exciting journey of wedding planning. I knew from the get-go that I wanted everything to be highly personalized to Jake and I, I wanted total control over every aspect of the wedding day, and I wanted all that for unreasonably low prices. The only way you can get all three of those things was by becoming a DIY bride.

So I ended up DIYing just about everything for our entire wedding including all the paper goods, the song list, the favors, and of course our wedding flowers.  I loved nearly every aspect of the process (even though not everything turned out absolutely perfect). But, looking back at all the DIY’s I did, I can confidently say that doing my own wedding flowers was the most rewarding project of them all and also the one that saved me the most money.  But, although it was incredibly rewarding, it also took incredible up-front planning because I started from a knowledge base of zero.  I made lots of mistakes and came out the other side with great perspective on what is and isn’t important to know.

After the crazy crash course of doing my own wedding flowers and then doing many friends’ flowers afterwards, I’ve learned so much more.  I have a much better idea of what works and what doesn’t, what to make sure to plan ahead of time, and lots of other factors to account for. I loved the experience so so much, but struggled through a lot of it on my own because it’s hard to find a lot of resources and information out there for brides like you and I who want to know the best and most effective route to DIY floral success.


Now I’m on the other side and I know exactly what you need to achieve DIY flower success and avoid all of the many pitfalls.

As a former bride, I know what is really important to know, and what you don’t really need to know – which is equally as valuable in saving you time and effort.

Beautiful wedding flowers are possible when you have the right help. You’ll enjoy the process, have a great experience, and stunning wedding arrangements.



This course walks you through every step of the way and covers all you’ll need to know to achieve gorgeous wedding arrangements yourself.


I’ll walk you through the process of setting a budget, picking out your flowers, knowing what to choose and how many. I’ll give you a tried and true timeline to help you make sure everything is on track and minimize your stress.

In the course, I go over all the supplies you need, how to use them, and where to get them.  I’ll tell you the #1 secret tip that is going to make your DIY flower experience WAY better. I’ll show you how to process your wholesale flowers, and then arrange with over 5 different arrangement tutorials.

And there are even bonus modules that walk you through where to buy your flowers, how to save the most money, where DIY flowers go wrong, the latest flower trends, and floral design basics. As you work through the modules there are multiple worksheets that help you develop a full DIY flower plan for success. And several reference guides and recipe cards for quick and easy flower selection.




>>Peace of Mind<<

You can relax and enjoy your beautiful flowers, dive into the creative process knowing that you have a fool-proof plan.


>>Less Stress<<

You don’t have to worry if you’re missing something or what could go wrong, I cover it all hear and have your back in this process.


>>Pride in your Results<<

You will get the satisfaction of brilliantly executed floral arrangements that you love and that totally blow your guests away!

Here’s the plan…


+ L1: Introduction – to the course and what it means to DIY your flowers
+ L2: Basics to Know – setting a foundation of knowledge to get your planning off on the right foot
+ L3: Setting Goals – helping you evaluate what you want out of the experience and action steps to achieve that
+ L4: Planning a Timeline – figuring out a fool-proof timeline to ensure DIY flower success


+ L1: Selecting your Flowers – helping you figure out what flowers you need, how many, and how to fit it within your budget
+ L2: Supplies – explaining all the supplies you’ll need to create your floral arrangements


+ L1: Preparing your Flowers – demonstrating how to process and hydrate your flowers when you receive them
+ L2: Bouquets – demonstrating bouquet making techniques
+ L3: Centerpieces – demonstrating centerpiece design
+ L4: Boutonnieres – demonstrating boutonniere making technique
+ L5: Corsages – demonstrating corsage making technique
+ L6: Floral Crowns – demonstrating floral crown design
+ L7: Floral Arches – demonstrating floral arch design


+ Hydrangea the Super Flower – why hydrangea is the single most DIY friendly flower and all the benefits of using it
+ Where to Buy Your Flowers – options you have in where to purchase your flowers and how to pick what fits for you
+ Cost cutting Tips – ways to minimize the cost of your flowers while maximizing their impact
+ Where DIY Flowers Go Wrong – all the ways things could go wrong and how to plan to avoid these pitfalls
+ Floral Design Basics – basic floral design theory to set you on the right track in your designs
+ Latest Flower Trends – the hottest flower trends right now to make sure you don’t end up with 90’s flowers


+ Floral Arrangements Checklist – making sure you know which arrangements you want to do yourself
+ Flower Goals Worksheet – setting out initial goals, expectations, and vision for your DIY flowers
+ Flower Planning Spreadsheet (xls & google sheets) – worksheet to assist you with planning out your flower purchase, your flower recipes and your cost per arrangement
+ Flower Timeline Worksheet – create a timeline to ensure you are on track for success with your DIY flowers


+ Flower Identification Sheet – comprehensive list of flowers available, the colors they come in, their seasonal availability, price level, and DIY-friendliness
+ Splurge vs. Save Resource – 8 flower you can substitute for cheaper alternatives
+ # of Flowers per Arrangement Guide – a guide to how many flower you will need in each arrangement you do
+ 10+ Flower Recipe Cards – flower recipes for bouquets if you aren’t sure what types you want in your arrangements
+ Floral Supplies List – all the supplies you will need to DIY your flowers






All-in-All You Get:

Comprehensive Content

DIY Wedding Flower Success is a comprehensive guide to doing your own wedding flowers. It walks you through every step of the way and covers everything you need to know to achieve gorgeous wedding arrangements yourself.

(Value = $300)

Bonus Training

Additional bonus modules help you go deeper into the process and walk you through where to buy your flowers, how to save the most money, where DIY flowers go wrong, the latest flower trends, and floral design basics.

(Value = $100)

Valuable Resources

On top of the video modules, this course contains comprehensive worksheets that help you develop a full DIY flower plan for success, along with reference guides and recipe cards for quick and easy flower selection.

(Value = $250)

Guaranteed Success

Using my tested and time-proven plans and comprehensive training, you are guaranteed to have DIY wedding flower success! For this kind of peace of mind…

(Value = Priceless)


TOTAL VALUE OF OVER $650 of expert guidance and priceless resources


DIY Blooms founder Naomi Real DIY Bride


As a DIY bride in 2013, I looked for every way to save a penny on wedding costs while still achieving the wedding of my dreams.  I DIYed everything from the invitations, programs, and seating chart to the entire wedding playlist. And do you know what DIY project saved the most money hands down?  My wedding flowers.  Not only did it save some major mullah, it was the most fun experience of all the wedding projects I did and my proudest DIY accomplishment.

I created this e-course to show brides like you that you CAN arrange your own wedding flowers and have a total blast!  It can be a scary endeavor to take on, but you’re not alone.  I’m here to help you learn what you need to know to successfully DIY your gorgeous wedding blooms.



Your peace of mind, your time, and your flower success are all worth investing in. Take action and make your DIY flower dreams a reality.

Your Investment:


1 payment of $79

>>Instant access to course content in the Membership site

>>Lifetime access to course materials and future upgrades

>>Lifetime access to Facebook community


3 payments of $30

>>Instant access to course content in the Membership site

>>Lifetime access to course materials and future upgrades

>>Lifetime access to Facebook community



We are so confident that this course will teach you everything you need to know for DIY wedding flower success that if you're not happy with the results of your DIY wedding flowers, we'll issue you a refund!


Can’t I just go get my flowers the day before and throw them together?

You could do that, but just remember that flowers are fragile product of nature and you run the risk of not getting the results you desire and unnecessary levels of stress. I would only recommend this to the most care-free of brides who care won’t be bothered if they don’t get the flowers they wanted.

Why would I pay for this when I can just watch some YouTube videos?

Sure you can watch some arranging tutorials online and read blog posts on how to DIY your flowers, but you should count on spending many frustrating hours searching for the information that pertains to your specific needs as a bride, figuring out exactly what types of flowers and how many are in your favorite Pinterest bouquet, and agonizing over whether you read enough to know what you’re doing. Can you put a price on your piece of mind?  On reducing your stress level? On hours of your time freed up? On amazing results? My guess is that that number is much higher than the cost of this course.

If you aren’t a florist, why should I trust you to teach me wedding flowers?

Actually, that is exactly why you should trust me.  As a former DIY bride I know exactly what you do and don’t need to know to achieve DIY wedding flower success. I’m not going to tell you a bunch of strict florist professional rules that are only going to stress you out and are ultimately not crucial to your DIY wedding flower success. I started just like you, with zero knowledge or experience. I’ve been through where you are personally with my own wedding and with many friends’ weddings and I know the steps to success and the pitfalls to avoid and what it takes for a bride like you and I to get there.


Got a burning question we haven’t answered?

My team and I are available to answer all your questions so that you can feel 100% confident this is a good investment for your big day. So don’t hesitate to send us an email at and ask away!

Don’t wait any longer to secure your DIY Wedding Flower Success

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