Get the Biggest Bang for your Buck

Find out how to get the most bang for your buck on wedding flowers | DIY Blooms

We all want the most bang for our buck when it comes to wedding flowers.  And when you DIY  your flowers it’s no different! But, there is much more to consider than just price-per-stem when buying your wedding flowers.

I’ve compiled a list of wedding flowers that are guaranteed to get you the most bang for your floral buck! Pick one (or several) of these when you select your DIY wedding flowers to ensure your arrangements look full–and pricier than they actually were.


Hydrangeas, more than any other flower, will give you the largest visual impact for your dollar.  The great thing about them is they can easily stand alone, or be used to complement your other flowers.  When shopping for bulk hydrangeas for your wedding, it is important to pay attention to how big the hydrangea bloom is.  They typically come in 3 sizes (jumbo, normal, and mini). Normal hydrangeas are 6+ inches in diameter and can cost as low as $3 a stem.

Use these in your bouquets to fill them out for cheap, and as centerpieces for low priced impact and elegance.  This is hands down my favorite budget bloom that provides the most impact for the price paid.



Not only are roses relatively low priced compared to other flowers, they add instant class and can open up to be quite big.  You can order standard roses for as cheap as $1 a stem! Because of their hardiness, roses are an excellent way to fill out your bouquet and provide mass and visual impact for very little money.

Also consider garden roses (which will run over $3 a stem) with an average bloom width of 2-4 inches. While perhaps more pricey than the standard rose, garden roses are larger and have a more captivating look.  Mix together some of both for instant style without breaking the bank.



Carnations get a bad rap in the flower world. And while I would agree their stems leave something to be desired, the petals themselves are actually quite lovely.  And when grouped together they are almost reminiscent of the ruffly peony we all know and love.

As they are known for, carnations clock in at less than $1 a stem.  While I wouldn’t personally choose carnations as a stand alone flower, they are lovely way to add a pop of your exact color to the flower arrangements (carnations can be any color!).  In Melanie’s wedding, I used carnations to add a deep purple to the bouquets that would have otherwise been lacking.  Use them in groups and to fill out your arrangements for vibrant color and ruffles on the cheap.



Mums come in a variety of shapes and colors, but for the most part they are large and well-priced. At just over $1 a stem, they are an affordable alternative to Dahlias. They add a bit of a casual vibe to the arrangements which is perfect for a rustic, country, or boho styled wedding.

They also come in many colors which is a huge plus! These blooms tend to average 2-4 inches in diameter making them a bargain for the price. They look great in bouquets or arrangements and add lots of texture to your look.



Similar to Mum, Daisies can have big wide blooms and cost just over $1 a stem.  You can get Gerber daisies (watch out these are delicate and thirsty!) or go with a more country vibe using poms. With every color option imaginable and sizes and shapes galore, this is a very versatile flower to add to your arsenal.

Another great thing about many daisies is that they come with more than one bloom per stem.  This makes them great filler flowers as they come in natural looking bunches and can fill those little awkward spaces between larger blooms.


Spray Roses

Spray roses are smaller roses that come with multiple blooms per stem. They are even cuter than roses because who doesn’t love petite things?  But just because these blooms are littler doesn’t mean they don’t pack some punch.  At just over a $1 a stem, you get several adorable mini roses that add immense character to your arrangement.

In addition, spray roses make excellent corsages and boutonnieres.  sometimes full sized roses can feel heavy or over-sized on a wrist or lapel whereas sprays look just right or allow you to group several together.  They are also very hardy which is key in DIY!

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