What You Should Know About Fifty Flowers

Trying to figure out where to order your bulk flowers can be overwhelming.  I personally have ordered from 5 different online floral wholesalers, and have had some great experiences… and some not so great ones. One of the companies I keep going back to when I order my flowers is Fifty Flowers.

I want to share the pros and cons of buying with them as well as my honest personal experience, so you can decide if they are good fit for your DIY flower needs.

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Who Is Fifty Flowers?

According to their site, the mission of Fifty Flowers is to provide amazingly fresh, premium flowers for weddings, special events and all occasions. In a nutshell, they sell bulk wholesale flowers online. This means:

  • They sell flowers in high quantities and there are minimum purchase amounts for each type of flower
  • The flowers don’t come party ready: wholesale means that they came straight from the grower and have not yet been ‘processed,’ which is what florists do before arranging their blooms

Fifty Flowers specifically caters to DIY Brides. You can tell from their site that they are trying to be simple to use for a non-florist bride. And, they offer a lot of products that are packaged for a DIY bride, like wedding combo kits, bouquet sets, and pre-made garlands.

What You Should Know About Fifty Flowers

They definitely have a very useful website.  I go there a lot just to research flowers even if I’m not buying.  Their menu items are very intuitive and you can browse flowers by type, color, or season. This is super helpful for me when I’m not sure what type I’m looking for, or if I’m trying to identify a certain flower in a picture.

What you need to know about Fifty Flowers... Click to read the pros and cons and find out if this is the best option for your DIY wedding flowers | Fifty Flowers Review | DIY Blooms

My Experience with Fifty Flowers

I first ordered from Fifty Flowers for my wedding.  I was torn between using them, and Sam’s Club because I already had a membership to Sam’s.  But, I was just so enthralled by the unique variety of flowers Fifty Flowers provided that weren’t available at Sam’s. In the end, I decided to order half of my flowers from Fifty Flowers (so I could get my favorite blooms) and the other half from Sam’s Club and another online floral wholesaler.

When ordering my flowers, I was nervous about receiving them on the right day so that they would open in time for the wedding.  I gave Fifty Flowers a call and immediately was able to speak to Marina, their floral design expert.  I was super impressed that they had a floral designer available and she reassured me that I had picked the correct delivery date and that I had chosen flowers that would work well together.

After placing my order online, I received a call the next day confirming my order and asking me if I had any questions about the flowers. I didn’t, but I was pleasantly surprised about their proactivity about making sure bride’s understand the flowers.

Fifty Flowers called me on several occasions to make sure everything was going well.

The day before the flowers arrived I received another phone call to inform me that my flowers were scheduled for delivery and on schedule.  The service rep also talked to me about processing the flowers and how to care for them once they arrived.

Maybe these calls were overkill, but I will say that none of the other wholesalers I’ve worked with have ever done this and it definitely gave me confidence in my order.  When you never hear from the company again, you start feeling nervous that your flowers may not arrive!

The flowers arrived as scheduled and I followed the care instructions to process them.  I had ordered the Mayra pink ruffles garden rose, creamy ivory peony rose, peony tulips, and petite cream spray garden roses.

What You Should Know About Fifty Flowers
Mayra pink ruffles garden rose


The Mayra pink ruffle garden roses were more beautiful than I ever could have dreamed! They opened up huge and were a breeze to handle.

What You Should Know About Fifty Flowers
Peony Tulips

What You Should Know About Fifty Flowers
Garden Roses

I didn’t know what to expect with the peony tulips (there aren’t many pictures online of these), but I was very happy with the interest they provided.  These also opened up just enough for the wedding day and were really fun because they keep growing even over the few days you have them. So if I had arranged them one day in a bouquet, the next day I would come back and they were peeking up a little taller!

I wasn’t as big of a fan of the ivory peony roses I got. They didn’t open as big as I had anticipated.  I know some garden roses kind of stay in a bud shape always, so this could have been the case with these and there was nothing actually wrong.  But, definitely check the expected bloom diameter before ordering so you know how big they should open up to.

The petite cream spray garden roses were adorable and a great addition.  I was very happy with their hardiness and they were super easy to arrange.

What You Should Know About Fifty Flowers



>>Great Customer Service

Like I shared in my experience, they have designers on call to chat with you about your wedding flowers and they call you several times to make sure you feel prepared for your flowers. I actually am thinking they may have even called me after my flowers arrived as well to check that they were to my satisfaction and that I was figuring out how to process them fine.

>>User Friendly Site

As I mentioned earlier, their site has a good user interface and lots of neat ways to interact with their products. I like to browse by flower type, and use their similar flower discovery options.  I can’t count how many times I’ve gone there just to try and figure out what flower was in a Pinterest bouquet pic that I liked.

>>Wide Selection of Flowers

This was the number one reason that I decided to try Fifty Flowers out.  They carried a great variety of interesting flowers that I couldn’t find on any other sites.  They always seem to be updating their offerings with new flower varieties too.

>>Real Brides’ Reviews

The Fifty Flowers blog is full of wedding pictures of brides who DIYed their flowers.  They even link back to the flower types so you can see how another bride used a flower you’re thinking about and get a better idea of how they look in real life.

>>Free Shipping

This is definitely a plus, of course it’s already included in the price of the flowers.  But the worst thing is when you go to buy something because you think it’s a reasonable price only to find that shipping doubles the cost.  At least you know that won’t be the case for Fifty Flowers.

>>No Membership Fee

Some online wholesalers will require you to pay a membership fee to order from them.  Fifty Flowers doesn’t have this.

>>Event Day Guarantee

The Fifty Flowers site says that they ship out over 500 boxes of flowers a week with less than 1% of the orders having issues.  But, they also want you to feel confident in your order so they re-ship damaged flowers at no cost or you can choose a full refund instead.



>>Minimum Orders

You really can’t buy in smaller quantities when you order from Fifty Flowers.  Most of their flowers have minimum quantities that you can order.  So if you’re only planning on doing a few arrangements, it might be difficult to order a variety of flowers without having tons extra.

>>Price Point

When I’ve comparison shopped, Fifty Flowers usually doesn’t have the absolute lowest prices available.  You can probably find the standard flowers available for less money elsewhere.


You know how you like a company for more than just what it sells?  This is kinda how I feel about Fifty Flowers.  Yeah, I like their flowers… but more than that I like the customer care, the event guarantee, and the fun site with brides’ stories and browse-able flowers.  To me, these things weigh out the cons of slightly higher prices and high minimum quantity orders. I would say that Fifty Flowers is best for DIY brides who want:

  • A variety of modern flowers
  • More than a few arrangements
  • Peace of mind about their flower order

If this sounds like you, check out Fifty Flowers and see what you think.  After trying out a lot of different online floral wholesalers, this is the one I recommend most frequently to brides (I have even become an affiliate).

For a limited time, when you buy from Fifty Flowers you can use my coupon code (DIYBLOOMS) to get 5% off your order!!

Have you tried out Fifty Flowers? What are your thoughts? Would you recommend it for DIY brides? If you’re looking for other options to order your DIY wedding flowers from, check out my resource page.


  1. I went with fake flowers for my wedding, since it was in a small town with no flowers places within a half hr. I lived 3 hrs away from my wedding site. It was just easier to do, but this would have been a great option to have.

    1. Hey Misty! It sounds like you did them yourself still which is very commendable 🙂 And I agree, living far from your wedding site definitely complicates things as far as doing your own wedding flowers.

  2. I’ve always wondered what it was like to order flowers online in bulk. Especially because in the past when I have ordered flowers online for birthdays it has been hit or miss. Personally I agree with your assessment that for wedding day you need a combination of quality product and amazing customer service. As a bride you have lots to worry about, so if Fifty Flowers makes it easier on you than that is a great vendor.

    1. Theresa, I agree completely! And I’ve definitely had similarly ‘meh’ experiences with online flower orders (typically from the 1-800 flower type sites). Flowers are such delicate products of nature, it really counts to know that you’re getting them from a quality company that stands behind their product. 🙂

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