DIY Your Wedding Flowers (and survive!)

Such great advice for brides who are considering doing their own wedding flowers!! Find out how to ensure success when you DIY your wedding flowers | DIY Blooms

So you already know that if you DIY your wedding flowers you’re going to save the big bucks… but the real question is, can you make it out of the floral trenches alive and intact for the big day??  Never fear! Follow this guide when you DIY your wedding flowers to ensure floral success.  True bridal bliss is within reach when you stick to these tried and true DIY flower rules.

  1. Be flexible

    You may have your heart set on Ranunculus, but your wedding is late fall… Unfortunately, ranunculus are in season spring to early summer and may break the bank if you order them for your fall wedding. Instead of having an exact picture in mind of what your bouquet has to look like, have a feel or color scheme.  That way you can pick flowers that work well within your wedding season and budget.

  2. Do your research

    Before you decide which flowers to order and what arrangements to take on, read up on them all!  This site has tons of resources to help when you DIY your wedding flowers. The more you learn ahead of time, the less likely you are to end up in a tight situation.  Look into questions like: how hardy is the flower? Will it last long in the heat? Do I have the facilities to store the flowers? When is the best time to receive and arrange them?  The more you learn, the more confident you will be with you DIY your wedding flowers.

  3. Be a trendsetter (not follower)

    Don’t worry about what everyone else is saying is the ‘hottest’ flower of the year, or the most ‘romantic’ bloom of all. Pick what speaks to you and fits with your style and budget. Sometimes it feels like every bride on Pinterest has a peony bouquet.. but these are finicky flowers with a hefty price-tag.  You like double tulips or garden roses? Absolutely go with those then and don’t look back. Your flowers are guaranteed to be beautiful when they are a reflection of you and your wedding!

  4. Do stick to a budget

    Most brides decide to DIY their wedding flowers to save money. But, this doesn’t mean you can choose any flower you like and as many as you like and expect to still walk away with some green in your pocket.  Be smart and compare prices on flowers. Figure out how to get the most bang for your buck.  For instance, hydrangeas are a ‘pricier’ bloom because they tend to cost upwards of $4 a stem… but they are as large as nearly 10 standard roses (which could cost you over $15).

  5. Prioritize your flowers

    You may not have the mudget to have an all-orchid clad wedding with 6 cascading bouquets and an elaborate floral arch.  But, if something is important to you, be willing to spend a little extra and cut back in other areas.  Some flowers or arrangments are going to the show stoppers of your wedding decor. Make sure they fit within your budget then pick other flowers that will allow you to fill everything out. If having sky high centerpieces is important to you, consider fore-going the ceremony florals, or picking a cheaper larger bloom.

  6. Select an appropriate variety

    How many different types of flowers should you get? This will depend on your style and comfort level with arranging.  If you’re wedding style is simple or classic then just one type of flower can be enough when you DIY your wedding flowers. If you prefer a more sophisticated look, 3-5 varieties of blooms is probably a good idea. Generally you’ll want to look for two focal flowers (such as hydrangeas and garden roses), an accent flower (like stock or spray roses), a filler flower (perhaps wax flowers), and greenery.

  7. Don’t forget your fillers and greens

    Greenery and filler flowers are the key to making your DIY arrangements look not-so-DIY. Professional florists know how to add subtle greens and small textural flowers to complete a bridal arrangment. Just adding a touch here and there to the outskirts of your bouquet and in your centerpieces is going to raise your flowers to the next level. That said, not every arragngement will need greens/fillers, sometimes the flowers speak for themselves.

  8. Chill out!

    I guarantee something will not go as expected, at least one flower will end up lopsided, and you will not achieve the exact look of that Pinterest picture.  But, it’s ok!  Flowers are thing of nature, subject to change. But that is their beauty, they are not exact silk replicas of the flowers before them. They are living, growing miracles that YOU arranged beautifully for the biggest day of your life. They will not be perfect, but they will be stunningly gorgeous and impress all of your guests.

  9. Order ahead of time

    Waiting until just a few weeks before your wedding to order your bulk flowers is not a good idea.  Growers only produce so much of each variety of flower, and wholesalers operate on a first come, first serve basis.  If you want to make sure that your choice blooms are available and the cream of the crop for your big day, order 2-3 months in advance.  Most floral providers are flexible if you end up needing to adjust your order before then. But if your order ahead, you’ll have the blooms of choice for when you DIY your wedding flowers.

  10. Ask for help!

    Not sure the flowers you pick go together? Or when is the optimal time to schedule their arrival? Don’t be afraid to ask someone!  Many bulk flower providers (like Fifty Flowers or Flower Moxie) have a floral designer on call to answer any and all questions you may have.  Or, send me a message and I’d love to help you achieve success when you DIY your wedding flowers!


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