The DIY Wedding Flower Movement

The DIY Wedding Flower Movement and what you need to know about it! Should you join the many brides who are choosing to do their own wedding flowers?

Have you heard of the maker culture? It’s a movement in America of makers, doers, and DIYers. It’s a group of people that fully embrace our age of information where everything you ever wanted to know is a click away. With this abundance of information available, the makers and DIYers are taking back tasks that were farmed out by prior generations and proving they they can be done or made by us. And this movement is alive and well in the wedding industry.

When you search ‘wedding’ in Pinterest, ‘DIY’ is one of the top search terms associated with it. Brides everywhere are doing their own invitations, decorations, music, planning, and flowers for their big day to show off their maker skills and to save some major dough.

I, myself, am a self-described DIY-er and did much of the making for our wedding, including all of the flowers. Now, to some people the idea of doing all the flowers for your own wedding is completely unthinkable and a task that should be left to the professionals. The beauty of the Maker Movements is that it tells us: Anything is Figure-outable. Notwithstanding doing your own wedding flowers.

Anything is Figure-Outable. Wedding flowers included!

More and more brides are choosing to design and create their own wedding florals thanks to the availability of tutorials and lessons on the internet.  When I decided to do my own flowers, I spent hours upon hours searching, digesting information, watching tutorials, and planning out how to execute my ideas.

But, do you see the problem here for us DIY-ers? The key factor in this equation is abundance of time to figure out our DIY’s.  And let’s face it… time is not something many of us have an overflow of. So, as a maker, you know you can.  The real question is, do you have the time?

That question is exactly why I created DIY Blooms, to quickly and efficiently equip brides with the tools they need to successfully do their own wedding flowers. Scouring the internet to find quality, trust-able content to learn from is a time suck! DIY Blooms seeks to provide all that info in one place, easy to digest and implement for your wedding day.

In addition to the blog content here and the free flower worksheet, I want to create a comprehensive course to walk you through each step of the DIY Wedding Flower process with actionable plans, flower arranging tutorials, and a plethora of tips to save you grief on your big day!

If you’d be interested in purchasing this course and learning everything you need to know on having DIY Wedding Flower success for $49, enter your info below and I’ll notify you when it launches.


If this is a product you’d be interested in buying, enter your information and I’ll notify you when it launches!


If I can DIY my wedding flowers so can you! Embrace the Maker Movement and the Do-er inside of you and do your own wedding flowers! There are lots of reasons to do your own flowers.

Here are some action steps to get you started on your way towards DIY flower success:

Set Goals and Expectations

  • Be realistic about what you can accomplish in your available time frame
  • Form a plan for the style and type of flowers you’re interested in
  • Know you’re primary motivation for DIYing (saving money? exuding your personal style? proving your DIY prowess?)
  • Write out all the arrangements you plan on making
  • Set an initial budget for your flowers

Select Your Flowers

  • Identify what flowers are in your inspiration pics
  • Assess whether they are: affordable, DIY-hardy, and available in your season
  • If your flowers don’t meet those criteria, try these budget friendly alternatives
  • Start building your flower recipes to know how many stems to buy using my free flower worksheet

Make a Timeline

  • 6+ weeks out: Figure out what flowers you’re going to order and what arrangements you’ll be doing
  • 2+ weeks out: Do a trial run. Buy similar flowers to the ones you’ll be using from a local grocer and try out your bouquet and centerpiece while watching tutorials. This is key for minimizing stress the day of!
  • 1+ week out: Make sure you have all the supplies you need (flower buckets, florist sheers, floral tape, wire, flower food, vases etc)
  • 2-3 days before the wedding: Receive your wholesale flowers and ‘process’ them so they can rehydrate and start to bloom
  • 1-2 days before the wedding: Arrange the flowers that will remain in water (centerpieces, bouquets – just don’t wrap them yet)
  • 0-1 days before wedding: Arrange things that will not be out of water and are more perishable (bouts, corsages, garlands)

Prepare to DIY

  • Make sure you have all the supplies you need
  • Watch as many tutorials as you can
  • Do a trial run with similar flowers as the ones you’ll be using
  • Designate flower helpers, people to help you arrange and to fix any ‘flower disasters’ on your big wedding day

Alright my fellow Makers! Now let’s get to it 🙂 Happy DIYing!

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