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When you decide to DIY your wedding flowers there are a lot of things to consider and it can start to feel very overwhelming. Not only do you have to pick your type of flowers, how many you need, your supplies, and how you plan on actual DIYing them, you have to pick from a myriad of online bulk wedding flowers suppliers or wholesalers!

After DIYing my own wedding flowers, and helping out with many other friend’s weddings, I have definitely learned who provides the best bulk wedding flowers and even better customer service.  Read on to find out which might be a good fit for your DIY wedding floral needs!

Bulk Wedding Flowers Providers

Fifty Flowers

I first experienced fifty flowers when I did my own wedding florals and I immediately fell in love with their diverse selection and unique way of discovering blooms that fit your wedding.  For instance, you can sort by season, flower type, or color.  They also have great wedding flower packages for those of you who aren’t into the guesswork of how many flowers to choose or what type.

After my own experience with Fifty Flowers, I used them for my friend’s wedding and was equally impressed.  They have excellent customer service and a floral designer on call to answer any questions you may have.

For a limited time, when you buy from Fifty Flowers you can use my coupon code (DIYBLOOMS) to get 5% off your order!!

Sam’s Club

For the no-nonsense brides out there – Sam’s Club is a great choice for your bulk wedding flowers.  They are extremely affordable (I’m not sure you can beat their prices) and I’ve used them on numerous occasions and always received top quality blooms.

They do not have nearly the variety of flowers as some may like, which is why if you like the more common flowers and a simpler look this would be a great choice for you.  Personally, I adore their hydrangeas, such good value!

Flower Moxie

I wish I had known about Flower Moxie when I was doing my wedding flowers! This company takes all the guesswork out of doing your own wedding flowers and let’s you focus on the fun part, playing with flowers.

You don’t have to worry about which flowers are in your dream bouquet or how many you need.  Amy has created professionally designed collections for you to choose from, or you can work with her to design your own.  I absolutely adore the arrangements she has put together, and I know you will too 🙂

Blooms By the Box

This company is a little different in that they sell their flowers by the box (usually 10-12 stems) rather than in bulk.  If you only need 12 peonies, this is definitely the way to go.  Or, if you are wanting a large variety of flowers, but don’t want hundreds of each kind, order by the box here.

Practicing your arrangements ahead of the big day is always recommended and Blooms by the Box’s smaller order sizes make that possible. They also sell a neat DIY wedding flower starter kit with nearly all the supplies you’ll need to get going on your arrangements.


So there you have it, my top 3 favorite bulk wedding flowers suppliers.  If you are looking to tackle this awesome endeavor stick around and check out these 7 tips for DIY wedding flowers.  Or download my free wedding flowers worksheet!  Happy DIYing 🙂

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