Bloom Spotlight: Ranunculus

Ranunculus are a great choice for your DIY wedding flowers!

Ranunculus are one of the top flower trends right now, and for good reason!  Their tightly packed tissue-like petals mimic the romantic peony which can be un-affordable for many.

The ranunculus is very versatile and feels very classy and elegant.  I like to think that their fun round shape and symmetrical petals add a touch of whimsy to an arrangement.  They really go with any wedding style: rustic, beachy, classic, all depending on the color choice and what you pair it with.

They come in a great array colors for you to choose from.  Some even come with green centers, which I am currently obsessed with!  They are most widely known for their poppy-like shades of red, pink, and orange, but also come in fabulous white and yellow colors.

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The round, medium bloom fits in well with other flowers or goes great in a bunch on its own.  Sometimes the stems can grow in a kinky shape which in my opinion would make it a little difficult to build a bouquet of solely ranunculus.  But it’s definitely doable, especially if you like a freer look.

Ranunculus do well as boutonnieres and corsages.  They have a strong, sturdy stem and medium to petite sized blooms.  These flowers are very reasonably priced when bought in season which is Jan – April.  You should be able to find decent prices in a wider window of Sept – May, but outside of that you’ll be paying a lot more.


Ranunculus Spotlight


Wholesale Roundup

Fifty flowers offers some great choices for ranunculus bought in season.  They even have assortments if you’re looking for an array of colors!




Deep Orange

Fire Red




Green Centered

Raspberry Yellow


Japanese Pink


Flower Care Guide

If you order from one of the wholesalers above, you will always receive flower care instructions.  Make sure to follow those carefully as they may vary from type to type.

Pre-Arrival Prep

Before you receive your ranunculus make sure to have a clean/sanitized container to store your flowers in.  Because the stems firm up and take shape as they hydrate, I recommend a container that is at least 2/3 as tall as the stems so they don’t flop over and become even more curly-qued.

Add water to the container – four to six inches is enough – and mix in the prescribed amount of floral food.  As soon as the blooms arrive you should start unpacking them.

Flowers go through a special dehydration process to allow them to survive shipping and handling, so when you first receive them they will look sad and wilted.  Have no fear, they will be beautiful and perky in a few hours.

Flower Preparation

As you unpack the ranunculus, remove all the leaves below the waterline.  You don’t want any leaves in the water as they cause bacteria and shorten the flowers’ lives.

Cut over an inch off the bottom of the stem diagonally with a knife or florists clippers (never use scissors, they smoosh the stem and inhibit the flower from drinking water). And place immediately in the water.

Some people even cut the stems off under running water or in a separate container with water to help the flowers drink and not get air bubbles in their stems.

Allow the ranunculus at least four hours to hydrate at room temperature.  I recommend storing them in a cool, dark, and dry place – like a basement – after the first four hours.

Flower Maintenance

Ranunculus are a pretty hardy flower and should last well if hydrated properly.  If you find that they are starting to wilt or get droopy, cut off the bottom of the stem and re-insert in water. Make sure to store any arrangements in water as much as possible up to the time of the wedding.

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