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Find out the best red flower options for your wedding | DIY Blooms

No color symbolizes love more deeply than red. It’s vibrant beauty is sure to add drama and meaning to your DIY wedding bouquet.  Red flowers are great because they can be used during any season and in any style of wedding.

Check out these gorgeous red flower options for your DIY wedding flowers.  These are the most affordable, easy to work with red flowers available to ensure a smooth DIY process. No matter if you’re going for a whimsical, romantic, or classic look, there is sure to be a bloom that you love!


Don’t write off these flirty florals just because you can find them at your local grocer! Alstroemeria (also known as Peruvian Lily) are a great way to add red to your floral arrangements.  They are hardy and last well in arrangements and even bouquets.  I like that they are a little more ‘casual’ red and lend well to a fun and flirty wedding. Another great thing about alstroemeria is that you get multiple blooms per stem!

Red Peruvian Lily

Red fox Red bulk Alstroemeria stem 350 90475876
Fire Peruvian Lily

Calla Lily

Among the most elegant of flowers, the calla lily will add elegance and class with it’s deep and romantic red hue. These are very popular wedding flowers and do well in arrangements and bouquets. While they are a little on the pricier side, they add so much visual impact! Consider buying some of these mini callas to get the look for less.

Red Calla Lily

Terracotta Calla Lily


Roses are the most iconic and obvious choice for your red wedding flowers. And, lucky for you, they are very affordable and extremely hardy.  There literally dozens of varieties to choose from.  Check out some of my favorites below!

Red Roses

Spray Roses

Matador GardenRose Stem 350 443064ae
Red Garden Rose

Freedom Roses

Darcy Garden Rose

Opium 350 3b895d93
Sweetheart Roses


I’m squishing several categories into one here, but they fit well together. Red Mums/Poms/Daisies are great additions to your wedding flowers, especially if you are going for a bit more casual or country vibe.  I personally am always a huge fan of the football mums.

Daisy Red Tinted Bunch 350 9fb649a9
Red Daisy

Cushion Xmas Red Tinted Bunch 500 024c6b7c
Red Cushion Pom

Red Gerbera

Cremon Red Tinted Head 500 ea126afa
Red Cremon

Gerrondo TerraOrion Side 350 d5f1cf20
Red Gerrondo Gerbera

Mini Gerbera


Tulips are a great way to incorporate red into your wedding colors.  They are a great for DIY arrangements because they are hearty so long as they are kept well hydrated. I love how tulips can be both super formal or ultra casual all depending on how you style them. They even come in exotic varieties such as double blooms, fringed, and parrot!

Red Tulip

Red French Tulip Flower 300
French Tulip

Red Princess Tulip Holex Side 350 505c7e64
Double Red

frill indiana frill tulip side a 350 27b5375f
Fringed Tulip

Esperanto Tulip Side350 d7a5a764
Red Paradise

Top Parrot Tulip Holex Stem1 350 6aa0d229
Parrot Tulip


The whole bridal world is currently having a love affair with ranunculus, and for good reason!  It’s delicate fluffy blooms are adorable.  And they come in a fabulous red hue.  Ranunculus can be a bit tricky to DIY just because of their wiry stems.  I think the best bet is to embrace their unruliness in your designs for a wild and free look.

tango cloony ranunculus bloom 350 85117bc3
Fire Red Ranunculus

Ranuculus Orange Dark Bunch 350
Cinnamon Ranunculus

Red Ranunculus Bunch2350 a194928c
Red Ranunculus

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