Why You Should DIY

Have you considered DIYing your wedding flowers? Maybe you should...

Wedding costs are going up, and up, and up.  But something revolutionary is happening in the bridal world…  Brides are realizing that this is the age of information, and they can learn to DIY their way towards savings.  This is scary for the wedding industry.

For years, wedding vendors have been the experts of their craft and could charge a huge premium for their services.  Now, anyone can get on YouTube and learn how to tie a pew bow, make a wedding playlist, or assemble s’mores favor bags.  Brides are taking DIY to a new level and saving major mullah.

Despite the recent mainstream acceptance of DIY wedding practices, the idea of doing your own wedding flowers is still considered crazy.  Yes, there is information out there how to do it, (my resource page is a great place to start) but it can be difficult to find and sift through. And for a task with such delicacy as flowers, I don’t blame brides from shying away.

But, I believe there are some great and extremely compelling reasons that brides should consider DIYing their wedding flowers.  Hang with me here, and you may just be convinced!

1.  You can easily save THOUSANDS of dollars.

The average cost of wedding flowers in the U.S. is right around $2,000.  But, if you live in a metropolitan area, good luck getting your flowers for less than $3,000.  If you DIY your wedding flowers you can easily cut that number in two, or even less!

I recently helped two brides DIY their wedding flowers for under $600 each.  They were larger than average sized weddings, and we did not skimp on size or quantity.  They would have easily paid over $2,500 on their flowers from a wedding florist.  DIYing saved them nearly two grand!

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2.  You have full creative rights.

You know the exact Pinterest bouquet you want, the look your wedding is going to capture, and the feel you want your guests to experience.  While florists are good at understanding and working with a bride’s vision, no one knows or understands it like you.

If you DIY your flowers, you will have full control of the results and can make sure that each piece is truly reflective of you and your wedding style.  You can be as particular as you like with finding the perfect color ribbon to wrap your bouquet, or add as much whimsical elements to the boutonniere as your heart pleases.  Make those Pinterest pins come to life by DIYing them.

3.  You get to play with flowers!

Can I tell you there is no euphoria like that of being completely surrounded by hundreds of your favorite flowers?  Well, hopefully the actually wedding will top that… but nevertheless, the experience is incredible!

Talk about a great bachelorette activity: all your favorite girls in one room basking in the beauty of the blooms and getting to help you create your wedding pieces.  I know there is some pressure involved (it is your wedding after all), but getting a chance to be creative and girly as you play around with so many flowers is a rare opportunity – one that I would never pass up! You’re going to spend the money on flowers whether you do them yourself or not. Why not spend it on an incredible experience?

4.  You will have a much deeper appreciation for your wedding blooms.

Your wedding day will fly by!  When the florist drops off those bouquets, you’ll hardly have a chance to admire them before you’re whisked off to pictures.  You’ll be too busy talking with all your guests to even look at the beautiful table centerpieces the florists made.

Sure they’ll be pretty, but how much more appreciation would you have for their beauty (and the money you spent on them) if you had taken time to create them yourself.  During our first look, I was so proud of my DIY accomplishment.  The first thing I said to Jake when I saw him was, do you like my bouquet? The time you put in will pay off in more than just dollars, it will give you great appreciation and a sense of satisfaction with your beautiful creations.

5.  People will think you are crazy awesome.

As I mentioned above, people don’t think DIY wedding flowers is a thing.  When you tell them, yeah I made this bouquet, and that one, and that centerpiece, and all those boutonnieres… they will be BLOWN AWAY by your amazing talent.

Yes, I believe that flowers are totally DIY-able! But the most of the world doesn’t.  Take advantage of that and you can be touted as the most talented bride of the family by that crazy great-aunt everyone’s always trying to impress.  Blow your guests away – DIY your wedding flowers!


  1. You might have dreamt of a peony bouquet since you were a kid or magnolia arrangements since you spotted one on Pinterest , but try not to get your hopes up too much about particular blooms.

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