5 Outdated Flowers to Avoid

5 outdated flowers to avoid for your wedding

We can all tell the difference between a fresh modern styled-bouquet and the one that looks like it came right off the grocer’s shelf.  What makes the difference between these types so apparent? One major contributor: outdated flowers. Flowers that are just tired and have been used in the exact same way for decades.

The last thing any of us wants is for our flowers to end up looking like funeral spray flowers or grocery store bouquets.  There are certain flowers that have been in the wedding or floral scene for quite some time and will run the risk of dating your designs. This is not to say these flowers can’t be used in a fresh and beautiful arrangement. But, if used traditionally and together they will look tired. Consider these 5 outdated flowers to avoid or use cautiously within your arrangements.


As one of the cheapest flowers available, carnations have been used time and time again, and can tend to give your flowers an outdated feel.  This is especially true when they are mixed in with other flowers. If you still want to use carnations in your design, I would suggest grouping several together to mimic the ruffles found in peonies. Also you can incorporate some color blocking in your design. This is a fresh take on the bloom and can be a good use of one its greatest assets: color variety.


I love mums… when they are done right.  Never. Ever. Ever. Use spray colored flowers or add glitter to your blooms. This pretty much guarantees you a sad grocery store bouquet look.  Avoid the straggly spider mum, and instead opt for the fuller football mums.  These lend to a more organic and farm fresh look.  And if you’re after the spiky look of the spider mums try them in a tight color blocked arrangement and let the spider mum stick out a bit for texture.  Just remember.. no spray paint or glitter, please.


I hesitate to put this one in here, because honestly roses will never go out of style.  But a certain way of arranging them has.  The best way to modernize your roses is to add blooms of varying openness.  For instance, some smaller roses that are still buds, some that have opened fully and maybe even some spray roses for variety. If you have all similarly sized roses group them tightly for a traditional look that won’t go out.  But, do not pair them loosely with leather leaf and baby’s breath.  This look is very tired.  If you want a loose rose arrangement add in some on trend filler flowers (wax flowers, limonium, or astilbe) and greens (ruscus or eucalyptus) for more texture.


Baby’s breath is one of the most traditional filler flower around and it’s use in mixed bouquets should be retired for a long, long time.  It is the ultimate outdated flower. If you still like baby’s breath, the more modern way to use it is to cluster it together on its own.  I would say that this is the only acceptable way to use the filler flower in modern floral design.


Ok, this one is a greenery, not a flower but it definitely deserves a spot in this list. Leather leaf may be a cheap green, but with so many beautiful options out there, can we please retire this fern?  It’s most commonly seen in the bouquets of red roses and baby’s breath.  I love a good fern, but this one will date your arrangement very quickly.  Opt for more on-trend greens… really pick any one but this one.

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Are you avoiding any of these outdated flowers in your floral designs? Have you found any ways to give these tired blooms new life? Feel free to share any more types that you think should be categorized as outdated flowers.


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