10 Tips for Floral Longevity

Use these 10 tips to acheive floral longevity! No droopy wilting wedding flowers for your special day :) DIY Blooms

Hello fellow flower lovers! Are you doing everything you can to ensure longer lasting blooms?The last thing anyone needs on their big day is droopy flowers, so I wanted to share some tips with you that will ensure floral longevity for your beautiful arrangements. I know firsthand the woes of floppy boutonnieres and sad hydrangea bouquets and how they put a damper on your adorable wedding photos. Follow these rules and enjoy long-lasting blooms and achieve floral longevity!

1. Clean your container

Flowers are extremely susceptible to bacteria and elements of decay that are likely caked to the bottom of your floral containers and vases.Do a thorough cleaning of anything you plan on hydrating flowers in with soapy water before you use them. This is especially important as you receive your wholesale flowers cold and dehydrated as they are about to drink up a lot of water! Make sure this water is clean and safe by washing your container before use.

2. Don’t use softened water

A common mistake people make that significantly shortens a flower’s life is to use softened water. Do you have well water filtered through a softener? Chances are you have an outdoor water spigot that doesn’t go through your softener. Use this water to hydrate your flowers and help prolong their life.

3. Cut off leaves

Remember how your flowers are susceptible to the bacteria in the water? Well it’s very own leaves could actually be decaying in the water and causing your flower to wilt sooner! Prevent this from happening by always trimming leaves off that fall below the water level. Any leaves that are in the water could shorten your floral longevity.

4. Use flower food

Not only does flower food feed your florals, it also helps clean the water of bacteria. Use this in the water you store your flowers in to keep your blooms happier and healthier longer.

5. Cut with floral sheers

Cutting your flower stems with common household scissors can actually damage the stem and prevent it from being able to drink water. This could lead to your flower not opening all the way and dying prematurely. Make sure to use florists sheers or knife so you don’t smoosh your flower when you trim it. I really like the oasis floral snips.

6. Cut at least an inch off the bottom

When your flowers arrive they are likely out of water and the very bottom of the stem has likely died and will be unable to drink water properly. You need your flowers to drink and hydrate after their shipping journey in order for them to open up and bloom. Cutting at least an inch off the bottom will help healthy hydration occur. You can even cut under-water or under a running faucet so the stem starts drinking immediately and isn’t filled with air first.

7. Store in cool dark place

A common myth is that you should store your floral arrangements in a cooler to prolong their life. This just isn’t true.In fact the food matter and humidity of a household fridge will shorten your flowers’ life. Instead, find a cool and dark place to keep your flowers before the event. Sometimes a garage or basement can work great for this purpose. Direct sunlight and heat will cause your flowers to bloom faster (shortening their lifespan).

8. Change water daily

Even if you follow all these tips, decay and bacteria still can and will be present in your flower’s water. Give it fresh clean water every day or two as a final precaution that it is getting the healthiest environment possible. This is an important step to achieving floral longevity for your blooms.

9. Keep in water as long as possible

Some arrangements will not be able to hydrate the day of your event, like bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages. Keep them in water as long as possible before pictures and the ceremony to ensure maximum beauty. Have a towel handy to dry the bottoms of bouquets so they don’t wet anyone’s dress.

10. Use a finishing spray

Sometimes your flowers are just going to have to be without water for a period of time. When this is the case, use a finishing spray like Crowning Glory to delay browning and deterioration of those susceptible blooms.

For more practical tips on arranging your own wedding flowers you may want to check out this DIY wedding flower survival guide, or 10 things you should know before you DIY. Happy flower arranging!

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